The Simulacra: A Simulation of a Seminar

Earlier this month, two members of this reading group–Chris Rudge and Dr Adam Hulbert– gave individual seminar papers at the University of New South Wales. This was arranged by the UNSW’s School of Arts and Media for their SAM Seminars 2014 programme. The Reading Group is grateful to Collin Chua, who convened the seminar, and to the UNSW, which hosted it. Following the seminar, attendees were invited to join a special instance of the Aesthetics After Finitude reading group, where we spoke with Michael O’Rourke of Punctum Books via Skype.

For those interested, a video recording of Chris’ paper is embedded below. A written copy of the original essay from which this seminar lecture is adapted is available here.

Schizophrenia and the Essay of of Changes

In other (much belated) news, Philip K. Dick’s essay “Schizophrenia and the Book of Changes” has had what is on my count its fourth publication in On Acid: A Field Guide to Altered States, edited by John Moeller and William Rauscher (Italy: CCC Editions, 2011). Limited to a run of only 1000 editions, this softcover volume reproduces a diverse selection of short essays (and excerpts of essays) apropos acid and altered states, including work by Antonin Artaud, Timothy Leary, and William James.  Here are some photos of the volume, which is available here:

IMG_8650 IMG_8651

Dick’s essay was originally published in issue 11 of the fantasy fanzine Niekas. This particular issue of the fanzine seems to have appeared on eBay a few times, but it does seem to be rarer than than some of the later issues. Niekas always had great artwork. Here’s an image of the front cover of issue 11, which appeared in March 1965:


Some 22 years after its first publication in Niekas, “Schizophrenia” appeared in issue 14 of the Philip K. Dick Society Newsletter (PKDS Newsletter), together with Dick’s essay “Naziism and the High Castle.” (This latter essay had actually also been originally published in Niekas, but in issue no. 9.)(1964).) Edited by Paul Williams, the PKDS Newsletter 14 was published in June 1987 with artwork from ‘Ferret’ and Matt Howarth:


41CTGAA65YLBefore it was reproduced in On Acid, “Schizophrenia” found what is perhaps its most archivable home in Lawrence Sutin’s edited collection of Dick’s essay writings (above), first published in 1995, titled The Shifting Realities of Philip K. Dick: Selected Literary and Philosophical Writings (New York: Pantheon, 1995).

Immediately preceding “Schizophrenia” in Sutin’s edited volume is another interesting essay: Dick’s 1964 piece titled “Drugs, Hallucination, and the Quest for Reality.” This short essay was originally published in issue 11 (November 1964) of a zine called lighthouse, edited by Terry Carr. So rare are editions of lighthouse, that I am yet to see the front cover of this issue 11. Here, however, are the beautiful, minimal illustrated covers of issues 14 and 15:

lighthouse_196610_n14 lighthouse_196708_n15

Please let us know if you are aware of any other published editions of Dick’s “Schizophrenia” essay.


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