Our Long Anticipated 2015 Meeting: The Tokyo Jazz Cafe

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It’s been a while since we’ve met and, since this meeting will make something of a reunion, we’ve decided to mix business with pleasure. That is, we’re taking our small group off campus to the Tokyo Jazz Cafe, in Sydney’s east. It’s a quirky little place in Bondi Junction—part Ridley Scottesque, part Berkeley—and a zone in which one may indulge in a good range of cheap food, as well as sake. From what we understand, the owners are supportive of such pseudo-intellectual coteries as ours, and the atmosphere reminds Adam of the kind of writers’s meet-ups that Dick would have attended in his early days, perhaps around the Art Music years.

Date: 7 May, 7pm. Please get in touch by 5 May if you’d like to attend so that we can book a suitably commodious table.

Venue: Tokyo Jazz Cafe, Basement Shop 2, 51-53 Spring St Bondi Junction NSW 2022.


  1. Dick, The Exegesis, Folder 22, 9, 8 (pages 429-478). Please contact us if you need help getting ahold of a copy of this book.
  2. Ted Hand, “The Zebra Principle.”
  3. Dick, “Beyond the Door.”

These folders are getting really interesting. Lots of strange postulates regarding living information and AI. One of the good things about The Exegesis is that it’s a collection of letters and diary entries, so one can pick it up at any point.

We look forward to hearing from new and old PKD readers alike!

Chris, Adam, and Pat


2 thoughts on “Our Long Anticipated 2015 Meeting: The Tokyo Jazz Cafe

    • Cheers Frank — we’ll throw it into the mix! P.S. I met Graham Hancock on the 2012 Origins of Consciousness Tour that he did with Dennis McKenna, et al.

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