Meeting Schedule

The current meeting schedule and assigned readings are as follows:



3 April 2014 The Exegesis, pages 3-103
1 May The Exegesis, pages 104-208
5 June The Exegesis, pages 211-311
3 July Group Conference: No Meeting
7 August Postponed
4 September The Exegesis, pages 312-447
9 October The Exegesis, pages 451-540
6 November N.B. Different time and place — with The Novel Studies Reading Group at the University of Sydney (see here for more information):
The Exegesis, folders 19, 38, and 44.
18 December Christmas Party and The Exegesis, pages 673-?

Meetings will take place on the first Thursday of each month, from 5:30pm-7pm. The room to which we have access through the University of NSW is fantastic: there is a web-connected iMac and a data projector for our use, and the room itself is very modern, and a great size.

Suggested alternative or parallel readings are welcome. Please email Chris or Adam to suggest things of this nature.

All welcome!


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